Baby/Child Reflexology

Baby reflex is a form of reflexology that is designed specially for infants and children. It involves gentle stroking of reflex points on the feet to assist with common childhood ailments. Baby reflex may be helpful with common complaints such as coughs, colds, reflux and colic. Baby reflex may also enhance bonding with your child and it is quick and easy to work into your child’s routine on a daily basis. Parents/caregivers are taught the techniques by a qualified Reflexologist who is also a baby reflex specialist, enabling them to practise safely on their children. 

Learn how you can help your own baby or toddler with reflexology using baby or toddler reflextechniques;

What is baby reflex™? baby reflex™ is specially adapted reflexology for babies and toddlers. The techniques were originally developed for bonding and over the years have helped to ease, relieve and eliminate many baby discomforts - proving very popular and successful with parents.

How may it help? baby reflex™ may help many discomforts including boosting the immune system, ease colic, wind, reflux, constipation, tummy upsets, teething pains, sleeping problems and ear congestion. It is very gentle and very calming and soothing for your baby or toddler.

How did it all begin? Jenny Lee, MCSP MAR, who is both a Chartered Physiotherapist and a Qualified Reflexologist and Teacher, has been working with mothers and young children for over fifteen years during which time she carried out a number of pilot studies in conjunction with children's GPs, designed to examine the effects of Reflexology on childhood asthma. The results of those studies revealed benefits of reduced asthma ; better sleep patterns ; greater ability to relax ; a much improved "quality of life ", and, perhaps most important of all, an enjoyment by those children, of the actual treatment of Reflexology.

Those results were so valuable to those children that Jenny decided to introduce this new and exciting concept for Reflexology, called "baby reflex™".

How does it work?
It works in the same way reflexology works in adults and is specially adapted reflexology techniques to suit the needs of babies, taking into account of their size and well being.

How are these taught?
In small groups of around four to six parents and their children. For babies from one month old: 3 weekly x 1 hour workshops, themed feeding/digesting, sleeping/comforting and finally well being. The baby workshop is taught on the feet.

Why do parents choose baby reflex™?
Most parents either have tried or heard of the many benefits of reflexology and with the modern climate of parents seeking an organic lifestyle; baby reflex™ offers the benefits of a safe non invasive drug free natural alternative.

Do babies really like baby reflex™?
Mostly they relax and fall asleep, in fact, they love it!

Who can demonstrate baby reflex™?
Only qualified Reflexologists.

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What is the cost? 

The 3 session baby course is £30 per parent

If you decide to get a group of friends together yourself and host it in your house, the cost for the host is £15 for the baby course and as a thank you for arranging the group.

How can I book a baby or toddler reflex workshop? 

If you are interested in learning baby you can either book a private course with a small group of friends (ideal number four to six parents) and conveniently hold it in one of your homes. Alternatively, you can get in touch to find out when I'm next running an open baby  reflex workshop course or you can book a one-to-one baby reflex course.  

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