Reflexology in the work place.

I can visit you and your staff at work and provide treatments either during a lunch period or another preferred time of the day.

Stress and all of its related illnesses - whether its origination is at work or home are a major cause of sickness absence and poor performance which is a real cost your company would probably rather avoid.

More and more companies are reaping the benefits of allowing their employees to receive reflexology treatments at their places of work.

Giving staff access to reflexology has 

been shown to:
* Improve health and wellbeing
* Reduce stress and anxiety
* Increase morale, satisfaction and loyalty
enhance concentration, accuracy and efficiency
improve creativity, planning and decision making.
* Foster better relationships among staff and between staff and management
* Enable staff to perform better under pressure
speed up recovery and return to work after illness, accident or surgery.
* Relieve pain in stress-related conditions such as headache and migraine and neck, back, shoulder pain.
* Boost resistance to infection and disease.

Whether you want to simply reward a particular set of staff or if you are expanding your health benefits programme, Reflexology can be highly beneficial for your business and for your employees.

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For workplace Reflexology, you do not need to provide any special equipment except a quiet room.

I can treat employees at convenient times to suit your business.

Please contact me to arrange a complimentary taster session.